Frequently Asked Questions

General inquiry

What is a self portrait studio

In other words, we are a self photo studio where you can click a remote and take commercial grade photos by yourself without a photographer. All gears are ready for your session and we will quickly guide you everything before your session starts.

Where are you located?

We serve you in two locations in Toronto

  • [Toronto - Yonge/Dundas] 133 Dundas St E, Toronto
  • [Thornhill - Yonge/Steels] 7181 Yonge St (Unit 151), Thornhill
Do you have a parking space?
  • 133 Dundas St East, Toronto - Paid parking is available on multiple nearby streets.
  • 7181 Yonge St, Thornhill - Free ground parking(limited space) and underground parking(P1, P2, P3)available.
Is it wheelchair accessible?

Yes, both of our locations are wheelchair accessible, which makes us the only wheelchair accessible self portrait studio in Toronto.

Can I bring food or beverages?

Yes, you can bring them with you. However, you can only consume your beverages in the reception area while food consumption in the studio is not allowed.

Is there a room I can change in?

Each of our photo rooms is completely private so you can utilize the space when you need to change during the session. You can use the washroom as well. We will also be happy to open another photo room for your change as long as it is not occupied.

Do you have a makeup room?

Yes we have a powder area for 3 guests at a time at downtown location.

Can I bring my own props like balloons, cakes, bottles., etc?

Absolutely, that’s such a great idea! However please be mindful to keep them safe from accidentally contaminating the space.

Booking inquiry

What are the differences between Room Infinity, Room Soul and Room Mirror?

Please see the chart below

Can I come with more or less people than I selected upon booking?

Of course! We will help you with an additional guest payment at the studio or issue a refund when you end up coming with less # of people than booked.

Do you allow walk-ins?

For ID photo sessions, Walk-Ins are welcome.

For self portrait sessions, reservations are strongly recommended. However, as long as we have availability, we will try our best to accommodate walk-ins.

Can I extend the length of the session on the same day?

When you are at the studio you can absolutely extend your session if the next timeslot is available.

On our website, you can also book another session before or after your original session.


Is the self portrait session private?

Yes, all of our photo rooms are completely private.

Will my photos be shared without my consent?

Absolutely not! All your photos will be privately kept.

Reschedule or Cancellation

Can I reschedule my session?


For the first time, you can reschedule your session 3 days prior to your reserved date.

If your appointment is on Saturday, your request needs to be made by Wednesday(3 days prior).

If your request is made on Thursday(2 days prior), $10 courtesy fee will be applied.

If your request is made on Friday(1 day prior), $20 courtesy fee will be applied.


As our studio is by appointment basis, the availability of our staff is committed upon scheduled reservations. Your support in keeping your original date or notifying us ahead of time will be very appreciated as our staff will be prepared to help you get the most out of your session.
What is the Cancellation policy


You can request a cancellation free of charge 3 days prior to your reserved date.

If your appointment is on Saturday, you should request a cancellation by Wednesday. Requests made thereafter will be subject to the rescheduling policy.