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    Push Selfies into Ultimate Scenes. Under pro-setup just take shots with a remote in private.

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Two 'Iconic' Rooms Available

↓     R O O M   I N F I N I T Y     ↓

[Full Body to Headshot - up to 9 guests]
$79 for 1-2 guests, $20 per extra guest

2 Image Settings Available: Pure White & Monochrome (B&W)

Room Infinity is set with a completely white infinity wall(seamless) as a premium backdrop offering both dreamy and vivid scenes. While it is perfectly suited for full-body shot, don't forget to try some close-ups to add another amazing photos in your books.

↓     R O O M   S O U L    ↓

[Above Knee to Headshot - up to 5 guests]
$70 for 1-2 guests, $20 per extra guest

Room Soul is beautifully set with a paper backdrop in a variety of available colors you can change during the session. It is best suited for headshot, upper body and above knee where some details like your expressions through any cues & poses will be very well conveyed in your photos.

Available Backdrop Colors (Current)

What's in the Package?

  • 30min : Unlimited Photoshoot (just click a remote byU)
  • 10min : Review & Print Selection
  • 4 Photo Prints
  • All Digital Files ($30 value now FREE)

Why Are We So Special?

    [building a new popular culture]
    [starting only from $70 per session]
    [images & gears]
    [make camera shy an old story]

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