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up to 9 guests [full body to headshot]

Room Infinity

Room Infinity

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# of guests(inc. yourself/child/pet)
Preferred image style
  • Session Detail
  • Full body to Headshots
  • Background: White
  • Shooting: 30 or 60min
  • Selection: 10min
  • # of Prints: Four (group of 5+ will get more prints)
  • # of Digital Photos: All ($30 value, now FREE)
  • Pets Allowed (each pet is counted as a guest)
  • From $79 for 1-2 guests, +$20 per additional guest thereafter

# of guests - who participate in the photoshoot session (if you come with more or less # of guests than originally booked, payment can be adjusted at the studio)

Each session allows maximum 1 extra visitor(not counted as a guest) who can enter but not participate in the photoshoot

Consider the following before your visit

- Extra outfits and your own props, if needed

- Some poses and compositions

- Arrive 5 minutes early

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